2 X Murata 364 SR621SW Button Cell Batteries

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2 X Murata 364 SR621SW Button Cell Batteries


Murata has been the sole manufacturer of Sony branded watch batteries since the acquisition of Sony’s micro battery business in 2017. With the introduction of the SR series, Murata has launched its own line-up of micro-batteries for watches. Murata is known for being the world's first mercury-free silver watch battery innovator, highly recognized as No. 1 market share manufacturer by major watch brands.

Murata’s button batteries have superior anti-leakage performance thanks to its unique sealing material and technology. Our patented “J-shaped gasket” was invented as a unique sealing solution to maintain air pressure inside the battery. Optimization of the gasket shape results in the reduction of leakage risks during long-term storage.


  • Excellent stable discharge characteristics.

  • Reliable discharge rate for consistent performance.

  • 2-3 Year Shelf Life.

  • Unique manufacturing process for strong anti-leakage performance.

  • Mercury-free formula.


  • Brand: Murata

  • Model: 364:SR621SW

  • Chemistry: Silver Oxide

  • Voltage: 1.5V

  • QTY: 2

Work for:

Watches, Clocks, Calculators, Cameras, Hearing aids, Flashlights, Remote controls, Toys, Electronic games, Sugar Level Detectors, Blood Pressure Instrument, Children Books and many other electronic products


362, SR721SW, RW310, 362(19), V362/532, 9916, TYPE S, C1, SB-AK (DK), 280-29, 364, RW320, 364(31,51), V364/531, D364, B364, B-SR60L, 9911,602,Type T, F, SB-AG(DG), 280-34

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