3000X 377 (Murata) Watch Batteries 0 Mercury Silveroxide SR626SW 1.55V Fresh

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3000X 377 (Murata) Watch Batteries 0 Mercury Silveroxide SR626SW 1.55V Fresh


Murata offers a wide scope of miniaturized scale batteries with superior and unwavering quality, exploiting 40+ year's innovation advancement and assembling skill. Through proposals for joint applications with Murata's different electronic parts and modules, we expect to add to facilitate advancement in the fields of ready, clinical, and gadgets. Suggest for car and open air gadgets utilizing warmth safe battery building plan and usage advancements. Brilliant high-current release execution to help Low Power Wide Area information transmission. These batteries include huge limit and stable voltage, empowering them to be utilized in a wide scope of utilization's, for example, clinical hardware and accuracy instruments.

Murata's catch batteries have better enemy of spillage execution thanks than its exceptional fixing material and innovation. Our protected was designed as an interesting fixing answer for keep up pneumatic stress inside the battery. Enhancement of the gasket shape brings about the decrease of spillage dangers during long-term storage.


  • Outstanding Temperature Characteristics.

  • High Voltage and High Energy Density.

  • 2-3 Year Shelf Life.

  • Murata battery is fresh from the manufacturer and you won't find a fresher battery.

  • Mercury-free formula.


  • Brand: Murata

  • Model: 377:SR626SW

  • Chemistry: Silver Oxide

  • Voltage: 1.5V

  • QTY: 3000

Work for:

Watches, Clocks, Calculators, Cameras, Hearing aids, Flashlights, Remote controls, Toys, Electronic games, Sugar Level Detectors, Blood Pressure Instrument, Children Books and many other electronic products


SR626SW, SR626, LR626, L626, S626E, SR66, LR66, V377, D377, GP377, 377, 377A, G4A, G4, SG4, 376, 606, 565, 177, GP77.